To work with departments and others on identifying opportunities for the creation and deployment of online content, transactions, systems and services that meet the needs of government, citizens, businesses and the voluntary sector..

  • To provide a stable and secure portal,support departments in their use of the portal, ensuring publication of content that is useful, accurate and timely. Promote use of the portal to internal and external users.
  • Manage the uptake of e-government services within the Civil Service through the operation of governance in a coordinated manner, making use of secretariats, working groups and steering committees as required.
  • To use insight and innovation to fix public service problems at the fundamental level through the use of customer insight, customer satisfaction and business process improvement.


Knowledge Management Data Base
E-Government have implemented a pilot online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) service. This allows the public to search for and submit questions to Government on a variety of topics at any time without having to contact particular departments or ministries by email or phone. Our traffic statistics show that the public are using the online FAQ's on a regular basis and we look forward to expanding and linking the online FAQ's to every government website.

GIS Portal
The Department of E-Government, as part of government's Geographic Information Systems strategy is implementing a GIS Portal to standardise the storage and sharing of Geo-spatial data across government. In later phases of the project, the GIS portal will provide public access to a range of online maps, aerial photos and other services. operates on an outdated portal technology platform which hosts over fifty government websites. There have been some significant improvements to the performance (i.e speed) of the portal over the last year but the existing technology restricts the level of services which can be offered to the public and business community. E-Government is therefore planning to replace the existing portal with a more modern technology platform that can take advantages of developments in social media as well as mobile technology.

Measure to Improve
The Measure to Improve initiative collects selective objective and subjective measures on a regular basis of a department's performance in customer service and in meeting their objectives/mandate. The programme introduces the concept of "continuous improvement" based on customer input & staff involvement. The overall objective is to help bring about a cultural change within government to become more customer driven. The concept of "Measure to Improve" would ideally become pervasive through every department.


David Atwood 
Director of E-Government 
T. 441-292-4595

Tina Ming 
Administrative Assistant 
T. 441-297-7944

Physical Address:
Department of E-Government
Government Administration Building,
3rd Floor,
30 Parliament Street,
Hamilton HM12

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box HM 2280,
Hamilton HMJX

T. 441-295-5151
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The e-Government Pole Star represents the core strategic principles which our department practices. We believe that attention to these principles and the use of appropriate e-technology solutions will result in both improved services to Governments customers and improved internal efficiencies.